Villa on the Tuscan Coast

This villa is a restoration project from an original from the 1800. It has been completely modernised and brought up to speed to a contemporary décor.

London Townhouse

This family home was conceived over a period of six months, excluding some shortly accomplished architectural changes. The house is on four floors and has six bedrooms with six bathrooms, a library, a dining room, a living room and a very large kitchen area.

Castle on the Tuscan Coast

This 55,000 square feet property is located three miles from the Tuscan coastline. Very little in terms of renovation had been carried out since the Second World War. The house has been partially re-modernised and the main core of the interiors has been rethought by MDG Interiors.

Apartment in New York

This New York project developed from the contemporary renovation of a pre-war building. The apartment is over three floors covering about 8,500 square feet. It includes seven bedrooms with seven bathrooms, a library, three living rooms, a dining room, and a large kitchen.